Seance 360 Video Preview!

Produced with Adrift Pictures, Seance 360, our latest VR work is a 12-minute scripted horror film with spatial audio. Most VR video has been kept pretty short and experimental at the moment so this project was very ambitious – especially from a sound perspective. For more info and behind the scenes photos, look here.

Harry from Adrift was incredibly encouraging and gave us great creative freedom. Adam did the sound design, recording sound effects and ransacking the Venn library and filling out the atmosphere with each ghostly visit. With a gramaphone in the scene, Jonny composed the music to go on its wax disc. Again, we used Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation to position the sounds, and there are new updates all the time on the Facebook group, along with some very interesting discussions.

So, on our Youtube channel, we can offer you a quick 30 seconds. If you want to see the rest, get in touch with Adrift. As we wrote in the previous post, distribution is a big challenge in such a new media ecosystem as VR video, so it’s just on Youtube for now.