Metadata Software

When producing sound effects for a sound effect library, you tag your sound effects with metadata to allow sound designers to find what they want more easily, using sound library software. Without this metadata, the file names could end up very long…

“What does Venn use to tag metadata in sound effects?”

The most technical software we could find!

BWF MetaEdit gives you the most control we have found over all the kinds of metadata in your sound, including metadata saved automatically by certain software.

“What about on-set recordings?”

For recordings to be synced with video, Sound Devices’ Wave Agent is excellent. Wave Agent uses tags in the ‘description’ field to store metadata about scene, take, frame rate, channel name, etc. This can then be read by the DAW.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Wave Agent and BWF MetaEdit together very well. While Wave Agent will show this:


BWF MetaEdit will show this:


Any suggestions of other software to use? Leave a comment!