Installation Guides


Go to the plugin page and download for your operating system.

Open or extract the zip file.

If you extract it, you get a new folder.

Inside the folder are the different versions of the plugin. Not all plugins have 32-bit versions. All modern OSs and DAWs use 64-bit.

DAWs using VST plugins

For most DAWs – FL Studio, Reaper, Studio One, Cubase, Ableton Live, etc. you will need the VST3 version of the plugin. Some older DAWs might only support VST2.

So, choose the right version, copy/cut the file.

Different DAWs can look in different folders for plugins, but the most common location is C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. So, paste the plugin there.

You might need to grant administrator access, but you should see the plugin there after.

You will probably need to have your DAW rescan plugins after putting the plugin in the right folder. That will look different DAW-to-DAW, but here’s an example using Reaper:

Make sure the path where you put the plugin is included and rescan. Then, the plugin should appear in your plugins list.

Pro Tools

After choosing 32 or 64 bit, you should find the AAX plugin folder, ending in .aaxplugin.

Cut or copy the folder.

Go to the folder where Pro Tools looks for plugins. Modern versions use Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins. For older versions, Avid provides the file paths here:

In that folder, you should see your other AAX plugins.

So paste your Venn Audio plugin into that folder.

Then, you should see the plugin next to the others.

Pro Tools (at the time of writing) only scans plugins when starting up, so close Pro Tools if you have it open and restart it to scan for new plugins. Then, you should see your new plugin in the menus, whether for offline processing…

… or real time processing.

If you have many plugins, don’t forget you can search too.