Found Sound: Foley Percussion sample pack out now!

by VennAdmin

Our latest sound effects sample pack is out on Beatport now!

To produce Found Sound: Foley Percussion, we recorded the best percussive sounds we could create out of a variety of materials (tools, pots, pans, fruit, vegetables, old phones, cloth, freezers, tires, parking meterse, etc.), producing 13 drum kits including Body, DIY, Textiles, Wood, Mech, Organic and more! We carefully recorded, meticulously mastered and thoughtfully assembled everything so you can add that original and unusual sound to your music.

New Foley Sample Pack coming soon!

by VennAdmin

Venn’s latest sample pack made from original Foley recordings will soon be released! Watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, here’s a little demo to give you an idea of what to expect:

Free Clip Update

by VennAdmin

Free Clip has been updated to 0.9.2, the changes are as follows:

-The plugin is now available as a Mac VST
-The Gain knob now ranges from -20 to +20 db, allowing you to reduce input gain.
-Double or alt clicking on ceiling or gain controls will reset them.
-Various optimizations to the code.
-The plugin is now compiled with the C++ runtime library statically linked by default.
-New about window.

You can download the latest Free Clip here

Free Clip sneak peek – a free and intuitive multi algorithm soft clipper

by VennAdmin

Free Clip is an intuitive multi algorithm soft clipper/wave shaper plugin, available as a Windows VST or mac Audio Unit. The plugin allows you to choose between a range of wave shapes or ‘sigmoid functions’, from the most transparent but harshest hard clip, to the ‘softest’ but most saturated arctangent shape. You can then intuitively set the ceiling level using the slider that perfectly matches the level meter next to it. Oversampling is also available to remove high frequency aliasing; this does introduce peaks slightly over the ceiling level however, so if you intend to use this plugin as the final plugin on the master chain, ensure the ceiling level is set appropriately and/or the post-oversampling clip setting is set.

This plugin is a great way to conveniently transparently boost volume without clipping your daw, whether it be an individual stem or sound effect, or an entire track that you made. It is recommended that the hardclip, quantic or cubic shape be used for mastering, as these introduce no or minimal saturation.

The plugin can be also used as a more traditional saturation/distortion plugin by setting a ‘softer’ wave shape, such as algebraic or arctangent – simply lower the ceiling level to provide more saturation to the signal – just remember to boost the output afterwards. Alternatively you can boost the input gain into the clipper for the same effect. Increasing the oversampling value is helpful if you’re hearing high frequency aliasing in this case! Be warned that high oversampling values such as 16 or 32 times can be very heavy on the CPU.

Free Clip will be completely free of charge, and will be coming soon, available to download at and selected distributors.

Ferrari 488 360 Video Preview!

by VennAdmin

Produced with Gaucho Productions, this project is a VR experience in a Ferrari, accompanied by Alastair Weaver talking you through the supercar.

Gaucho is a great company to work with, with great enthusiasm and ideas about this new form of video and the role of traditional storytelling. To produce this piece, Adam went with Gaucho’s team and miked up the Ferrari inside and out, putting into practice everything we have learnt from previous 360 projects. As such, what you hear in the finished video is all sync sound recorded from many perspectives to build up a true 360 image of being in this incredible car.

Again, many thanks to the incredible team at Two Big Ears/Facebook 360 who continue to develop their plugins along with the creative community of 360 sound designers.