Venn offers a variety of bespoke audio, music and software services, and we love a challenge!

Contact us if you require:

Bespoke Sound and Music

  • Audio Post Production
    • Experienced in mixing short films and animations using Pro Tools.
    • Sound effects personally recorded, or sourced¬†from the Venn library.
    • Sound editorial for television and feature film delivery.
  • Music/soundtrack composition & production
    • Bespoke music produced for any project.
    • Mixed and mastered to a professional standard.
    • Live instrumentation recorded as necessary.
    • Music targeting a specific mood or to accompany specific scene.
    • Delivered in a variety of formats, with loops & stems depending on your needs.

Audio Software Development

  • Bespoke plugins written in C++ and JUCE.

Audio product design and production

  • Sampling and custom made sample packs deployed in various formats.
    • High quality sample packs deployed in various formats.
    • Synth/plugin custom preset packs.
  • Music packs / kits
    • Professionally produced music ‘packs’ providing multiple tracks of specific genre/theme
    • ‘Music Kits’ provide individual drag & drop song sections allowing you to easily customize your own soundtrack, with seamless transitions