Venn is a collaboration of three audio and music specialists. A thriving partnership of talent, we can provide you with the right sound design and/or music production for your media project.

Adam Newns
Location Recording, Sound Effects and Audio Post-Production
Adam Pic
Adam is our sound effects and audio post production specialist. He has worked in audio for 5 years and has worked on numerous short films, animations, TV and features. His work, including a feature film in the Philippines, has won prizes internationally. He currently works in a post production studio in Canada. For Venn, Adam produces sound effects and works on audio post-production.
Simon Haines
Music, Sound Effects and Video Game Post-Production
Simon specialises in designing and implementing audio for video games. He has a strong background in music and sound design for short films and animations as well as some experience location recording. For the past 5 years, he has been working in the video game industry. For Venn, Simon does sound design for videos and games as well as producing music.
Jonathan Hyde
Music Production and Sampling
Jonathan is our composer, music producer and audio software developer. A trained jazz guitarist and pianist with professional experience as a live sound technician and an MSc in economics, he has been running Small Ocean, a music production and licensing service, since late 2014. For Venn, Jonathan produces music, writes plugins, processes sound samples and mixes and masters our products.